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7:30 AM | November 11 2018

How to enhance your Volvo’s towing ability

Volvo Car Australia’s accessory twin pack combines Polestar Performance Optimisation and tow bar.

Many Volvo owners enjoy hooking up their vehicle to a boat trailer or caravan for a weekend adventure – or even longer.
Why not join this unofficial club of outdoors explorers with Volvo Car Australia’s special accessories twin pack for the XC90 and XC60 SUVs.
Available for a limited time, this pack combines Polestar Performance Optimisation with a tow bar:

Polestar Performance Optimisation
Engineers from Volvo Cars’ highly experienced Polestar performance division have enabled some extra pulling power by increasing the engine’s mid-range torque band.
The gearshifts of the automatic transmission have also been calibrated to exploit this improved mid-range performance, for a result that aids towing while also benefiting all-round driveability for more effortless motoring.
The Optimisation program also quickens throttle response and shift times.

Importantly, you will gain overall performance with no impact on your fuel economy, or your factory warranty and service intervals.

Enhance every journey with a Polestar Optimisation.

Tow bar
Our accessory tow bars have been designed for your Volvo – to form an integral part of the vehicle's body, and tested to ensure they meet the most stringent safety and function demands.
The tow bar – which comprises crossmember, ball holder and a 50mm-diameter ball – comes complete and ready to be installed. Your Volvo is prepared for installation in the bodywork. (And it is easy to remove the tow ball by removing a pin.)
The tow bar is treated in several stages for optimum corrosion protection and is equipped with Volvo's Trailer Stability Assist-technology, which at speeds in excess of 50km/h can subtly brake one or more wheels to regain stability and maintain control.
For more details, contact your local Volvo Cars dealer.

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