Omtanke - XC60
11:30 AM | October 18 2018

Omtanke: Seeing cars – and the world – differently

Volvo Cars welcomes you to try Omtanke – a Swedish philosophy that forms the foundation of the company’s journey, and its belief in making a better, safer and more considerate world.

At Volvo, we don’t just see cars differently – we see the world differently.
We have a way of doing things that sets us apart – an approach that’s more compassionate, more considered. And it means we think before we act.
In Sweden, we have a word for it: Omtanke.
Omtanke fuels our insatiable curiosity, our restless desire for improvement, and inspires us to think deeply and divergently about everything around us, fuelling those little (and not so little) innovations to help make life effortless for Volvo owners.
You can find evidence of this philosophy in everything we do…
How we approach… Safety
From inventing the three-point seatbelt to our world-first City Safety autonomous emergency braking system that inspired eventual industry-wide adoption of such technology, it’s no secret we’ve given safety a lot of thought. By continually rethinking the way we approach safety, we have reduced the risk of being hurt in an accident when in a Volvo by 50% since 2000. And, today, our IntelliSafe technologies form part of our commitment to making driving easier and safer – and contribute to our vision that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.
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How we approach… Giving your time back
Autonomous driving will be the biggest change to personal mobility since the invention of the car 130 years ago – it will revolutionise society, boost global economies and transform the way we manage our time. What makes our approach to autonomous driving so unique is that we focus on people – not just on technology. With the least exciting part of your commute and those long journeys no longer requiring your constant attention, you will be free to read a book, prepare for a meeting, watch a movie, or even learn new skills. This future of driving is even envisioned by Volvo Cars’ new 360c concept vehicle. With the average commute taking about 50 minutes per day, this will have a huge impact on our lives. You may even reconsider the need to fly to a particular destination. (Read our ‘Why fly when you can be driven?’ article in this edition of I Roll.) 

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How we approach… Sustainable motoring 
There are always new angles to view sustainability problems from. Volvo models are currently powered by a range of efficient Drive-E powertrains, which include our stunning petrol-electric Twin Engines. Moving forward, we’ll be relying less on petrol, with every Volvo model line featuring an electric-motor variant from 2019. By 2025, 50 per cent of our sales will be fully electric vehicles, making us the first major automotive manufacturer to make this progressive move.
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How we approach… Diversity 
Ever since the 50s we've brought people together from all over the world to develop and build our cars. Diversity sparks creativity and pushes innovation. It helps us to build safer and smarter cars, designed around people's everyday lives. By 2020, at least 35 per cent of our top managers should be non-Swedish nationals, and 35 per cent of our leading positions should be held by women – the largest share in the automotive industry.
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Sensus display

Above: Sensus 9-inch centre touchscreen display limits need for physical buttons.

How we approach… Connectivity 
While others clutter the dashboard, Volvo created the stylishly minimalist yet intuitively functional Sensus touchscreen display – a 9-inch tablet-style centre display that makes controlling infotainment and navigation as familiar and intuitive as using your smartphone.
The next-generation Sensus system is being developed in collaboration with Google, while Volvo has developed Volvo On Call (not yet available in Australia) – a suite of digital services that expands your ownership experience with useful remote controls of your Volvo via your smartphone, wearable technology or iPad.
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How we approach… Sustainable materials
While other manufacturers focus on filling their cars with traditional luxury materials, Volvo Cars is using eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles to weave the interior lining of the XC40. Volvo has also committed to using repurposed materials, with at least 25 per cent of plastics in cars launched after 2025 being recycled.
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XC40 recycled trim carpet

Above: The textile interior mats of the XC40, made from 100% recycled material.

How we approach… Car ownership
Well, why should you have to own something to enjoy it? The concept of ownership is changing with leases and subscription services never more popular. This is the thinking behind Care by Volvo: a new service, not yet available in Australia, designed to let you enjoy all the benefits that come with having a new Volvo without actually having to buy one. For a fixed monthly amount, Care by Volvo not only gives you a brand-new Volvo for a fixed time period of two or three years, it also covers all regular service and maintenance costs and provides you with comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover. All you have to do is select which vehicle you would like and Care by Volvo will take care of the rest, leaving you free to enjoy life on the road.
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How we approach… Parenting 
Volvo has been a pioneer in child-seat safety since the 1960s, when the Amazon’s front passenger seat could be transformed into a rear-facing child seat. Today, clever child booster cushions that are integrated into the outer rear seats continue to be available on certain models as a unique feature in the car industry, allowing parents to dispense with the need for a separate booster seat. Volvo’s range of SUVs are also available with an automatic tailgate you can open even when your hands are full – you simply swipe your foot under the rear bumper to raise or lower the tailgate electrically as required.

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