Protect Pack - shaped load mat
9:00 AM | October 18 2018

The pack that protects your Volvo

If you want to protect against your boot getting dirty, your rear bumper scratched, or the sides of your car splashed, Volvo Cars is offering a Protection Pack for the XC90 and XC60.

Accessories are a satisfying way of putting your personal stamp on your Volvo, though they can also be rewarding in the way they can help protect your vehicle.
Volvo Car Australia is offering a Protection Pack for the Volvo XC90 and XC60 SUVs that comprises three elements – each designed to protect various parts of your Volvo.
The Protection Pack elements include:
Shaped plastic load compartment mat
This attractive plastic protective mat is shaped to fit your Volvo’s cargo compartment and is colour-coded to match the cabin. Raised edges help prevent dirt and water leaking out into the compartment, while the mat is coated with an anti-slip treatment. A two-part mat is available for the XC60, and a three-part mat is available for the seven-seater XC90. The latter allows the front parts to be stacked on top of each other in the vehicle or be removed from the vehicle when the third-row seats are being used.
Bumper cover
This exterior styling element prevents scratches to the paintwork of your rear bumper when loading and unloading the boot with this brushed stainless-steel protector.

Protect Pack - Mudflap

Mud flaps
The Volvo-branded mudflaps, supplied in pairs, blend in well the vehicle’s design and provide effective protection to the sides of the car from wheel splash while also minimising water spray on following traffic. Made from a soft plastic material, they yield to any blow.

To take advantage of three practical accessories being grouped into one convenient package for a limited time, contact your local Volvo Cars dealer for further details.

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