Care by Volvo
11:00 AM | September 27 2018

A New Way to Get Behind the Wheel

Care by Volvo has been launched in parts of Europe and the United States to provide a new way of using a Volvo without the traditional buying or ownership hassles.

We stream our music, movies and TV on demand. We book ourselves places to stay, wherever we are, via an app. And as soon we own our mobile phone 100% outright, it’s time to swap it for a new one.
So, what if access to our cars could be as transparent, easy and hassle-free as having a smartphone?
Care by Volvo is unlike any other car-access model that gets you into cars without having to stress about the nuts and bolts of ownership. It’s inspired by the smartphone subscription models that define life for millions of people today.
Care by Volvo, which was launched in 2017 though is not yet available in Australia, has been designed to redefine how people use cars.
After ordering online, Care by Volvo customers can drive away in a new Volvo for a ready-negotiated monthly fee without the worry about haggling on prices, deposits, insurance, taxis or other on-road charges.
Then there’s the flexibility to switch cars temporarily depending on needs, and, two or three years later, customers can switch into a new Volvo.
Additionally, Care by Volvo will – depending on regional availability – offer a range of digital Concierge services, such as fuelling, cleaning, service pick-up and e-commerce delivery to the car. Who said concierges were just for the mega-rich!
Many different factors contributed to the creation of Care by Volvo. First and foremost, there’s the understanding that successful modern companies are making the transition from just creating products to providing services.
What’s more, it’s what we expect. Apps and devices that let us stream music, borrow books, arrange overnight stays, grab lifts in the city and have a flexible place to sit and work are no longer a novelty, but the norm.
Care by Volvo - XC40 Above: The First Ever XC40 was also the first Volvo available via subscription.

Secondly, there’s the question of modern life and, specifically, the amount of free time we have to enjoy in a world filled with distractions.
Volvo Cars aims to give drivers a whole week of their time back per year. Why not use dedicated personal service to try to achieve this? If you think about exactly how much time we spend making insurance comparisons, hunting down the best deal, scanning in signed duplicates, and hanging on the telephone every year – well, you can see that letting someone else take care of that admin will save time directly.
Car use is also about much more than getting the vehicle on the road and driving it legally. How do we use our cars? What do we use them for? And is there anything that Volvo Cars can help out with?
From this, a new subscription service began to take shape – one that was designed to surpass all the other leasing services on the market and, quite frankly, make them look a bit boring.
Essentially, the idea behind Care by Volo is to save you time and effort – and turn the whole experience of having a car into something a little bit more luxurious.

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