Volvo red key
9:00 AM | September 27 2018

The magic car key for parents

Hand over your Volvo with the Red Key and your vehicle is programmed to govern its speed among a range of restrictions.
If you’ve ever felt any trepidation about handing your vehicle over to someone else to drive, Volvo Cars’ Red Key puts owners at ease.
Whether you’re dropping your Volvo off at valet parking, leaving it at a workshop, or encouraging your freshly P-plated offspring to drive responsibly, the special car key provides assurance by limiting certain vehicle parameters and functions.
The vehicle’s maximum speed, for example, is restricted to 120km/h, which allows for comfortable freeway cruising without the car being able to go too fast. Adaptive cruise control, where fitted, is also preset to the longest interval to the vehicle in front.
Drivers of your Volvo will also be alerted by the Speed Warning system at 50km/h, 70km/h and 90km/h.
And the audio system’s volume is restricted to a preset level to ensure it’s never too loud.
Red Key doesn’t interfere with any active safety systems that your Volvo may be equipped with, such as Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), Lane Keeping Aid and Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collison Warning, Driver Alert Control, Distance Alert, or Traffic Sign Recognition.
Red Key is available on the following Volvo models: XC90, XC60, V90CC and S90.

For more information on the Red Key, or any other accessory, please contact your nearest Volvo Cars dealer.

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