Volvo on Call - XC90 and iPhone
10:30 AM | September 27 2018

The Volvo app that makes life easier

Can you imagine a world of car ownership where you never worry about losing car keys, never need to go to a Post Office or have to clean or refuel your car? Volvo Cars can.

Never panic about losing your car keys again. Order packages to be delivered directly to your car. Go to work while an authorised Volvo service team cleans and refuels your vehicle.
These dream-like car ownership scenarios are either available or in development as part of a revolutionary new digital service from Volvo Cars.
The app-based Volvo Cars App expands your ownership experience with useful remote controls of your Volvo via your smartphone, wearable or iPad.
While the service is not yet available in Australia, its range of functions continues to grow.
The Volvo Cars App mobile platform is set to incorporate concierge-style services that are currently being trialled in San Francisco using participating Volvo owners.
“Imagine parking your car in the morning at work and when you head home your car has been serviced, cleaned and refuelled,” says Björn Annwall, senior vice president, global consumer experience at Volvo Car Group.
“These are the kind of services we want to deliver to our customers. Our research shows that people spend hours every week doing these small errands – we want to give that time back to Volvo drivers, so they can do something more valuable instead.”
The same, world-first digital-key technology that allows you to grant single-use access for such a service has already created a unique in-car delivery service.
With programs initiated originally across Scandinavia and in Switzerland, and a partnership formed with online retail giant Amazon in the United States, the in-car delivery service enables owners to request shopping purchases to be delivered to their Volvo during a scheduled time window. Customers are notified when the delivery is completed, and the car is safely locked.

It means, for example, that instead of being at home waiting for the box of wine or shoes you’ve ordered to arrive, you can save personal time by having the box delivered to your work. And you don’t even need to leave your desk, as the package is placed in your car in its office parking spot.
Volvo Cars App - in-car deliveryAbove: Volvo Cars App includes a unique in-car delivery service. (Not yet available in Australia.)

“Simplifying the customer experience is central to Volvo’s digital vision. Receiving a package securely and reliably in your car, without you having to be there, is something we think many people will appreciate. This mix of car and commerce is starting the next wave of innovation and we intend to be at the forefront,” said Atif Rafiq, chief digital officer at Volvo Cars.
The remote access set-up also allows Volvo owners to share their vehicle with a family member, friend or work colleague without the need to meet up. Owners simply grant access for a specified person via smartphone connection.
Other features provided by Volvo Cars App include:

  • The ability to lock or unlock your Volvo wherever you are, even from another country
  • Use remote start and parking climate to pre-warm your cabin in winter or pre-cool it in summer
  • Send your destination to your car’s navigation system remotely before you leave your house, so your guidance is already set when you start up your vehicle
  • Keep a detailed record of your car trips – to help with work travel expenses, for example – which can be exported to your computer
  • Contact Volvo’s roadside assistance team by pushing the Volvo Cars App button or using your smartphone app
  • Call for emergency help by pressing the SOS button located in the overhead console.
In the event of a collision being detected, your Volvo will also alert a trained operator to contact the vehicle and send emergency services if necessary.
Your Volvo Cars App will also alert you if there is a suspicious entry into your car. If it’s stolen, Volvo use your car’s GPS to find and/or immobilise it.
Volvo Cars’ global network of digital innovation labs are continuing to investigate and develop new services that can be easily added to Volvo Cars App to ultimately offer a whole range of time-saving services around your car.

Watch Volvo Cars App’s unique in-car delivery service in action here(product only available in the US, at the moment).

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