Volvo Technology
9:00 PM | December 13 2019

How Swedish winters strengthen Volvo technology

In the beautiful and challenging white vastness of northern Sweden, true Volvo quality is born.
The Swedish town of Luleå is located a mere 150 kilometres from the Arctic Circle, and its beautiful yet trying surroundings form the backdrop for this year’s winter test drive for media. 
Journalists will take the new Volvo V60 Cross Country and the V60 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid through the wintery forests and countryside around Luleå, as well as over specifically created ice routes around the archipelago in the now frozen Gulf of Bothnia.
The setting of the test drive is of course chosen deliberately. It illustrates how Volvo’s cars are developed to endure the toughest of circumstances. Freezing-cold temperatures far below zero test the limits of flora, fauna, people and machinery. Capability on and off road are essential to navigate this landscape.
Groundbreaking safety technologies such as Large Animal Detection are the result of numerous chance encounters with moose, reindeer and other sizeable creatures common in the upper northern hemisphere. That’s right: those world-leading safety standards that are synonymous with the Volvo brand are often born here.
That is because this region is where our engineers do a lot of testing work as they develop new models. Even further north than Luleå, above the Arctic Circle, a special and secret test facility allows Volvo engineers to push new cars to the maximum in the most gruelling of circumstances. It’s how we create Scandinavian cool, literally and figuratively.


But the lessons we learn during our development work in the north of Sweden are universal: technologies designed to withstand harsh winters benefit our customers wherever they drive their Volvos. And while we are out in Swedish nature, we look around as well, finding inspiration for some of the most stylish and relaxing interiors on offer.
All-round capability and versatility
The V60 Cross Country is the latest Volvo model to carry that famous badge. The first Volvo Cross Country model arrived more than 20 years ago and gave rise to a range of all-wheel-drive wagons that are at home both in the cold north and on the streets of a modern city.
The V60 Cross Country (not yet available in Australia) combines all-round capability and increased ride height with the versatility that defines our long-standing pedigree in family wagons catering to the diverse needs and realities of modern family life. It has a special chassis that enhances its off-road capability, while features such as all-wheel drive, hill descent control and a special off-road driving mode are standard.
Meanwhile, the V60 T8 Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid that is now on sale in Australia personifies Volvo Cars’ commitment to creating great electrified cars that perform in any type of weather. It combines the quality and versatility of our family wagon with ultra-low emissions and the options of pure or hybrid drive.
It is another reminder that we are serious about electrification: from this year, every new Volvo model line will come with an electric motor and, by 2025, we expect half of our global sales to consist of fully electric cars. 




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