Volvo Luxury SUV
7:30 AM | February 21 2019

Skid Plate Kits: A dynamic look for your luxury Volvo SUV

A skid-plate kit brings a robust yet stylish look to Volvo’s range of luxury SUVs, the XC40, XC60 and XC90.

If Scandinavian design is renowned for its perfect marriage of form and function, Volvo Cars’ skid-plate kit is the ideal accessory to enhance your luxury Volvo SUV.


The skid-plate kit is available for the XC90, XC60 and XC40.


Each kit comprises a front skid-plate and rear skid-plate with integrated tailpipes and is a styling element that gives a robust look, reinforcing your Volvo’s visual attitude, and providing some additional underbody protection.


The skid-plates feature detailing in brushed stainless steel.


XC90 Skid Plate Kit

A unique lower front spoiler is available in all exterior car colours and which includes a fully integrated skid plate in brushed stainless steel. In addition, a lower black painted grille is included with a unique pattern that replaces the car's factory fitted lower grille. The rear styling element consists of a colour-coded lower bumper section with an integrated skid-plate. Add in the fully integrated twin exhaust pipes give your XC-90 powerful and exclusive look.


XC60 Skid


XC60 Skid Plate Kit (Above)

The kit for the highly acclaimed XC60 SUV consists of a colour-matched rear skid plate with unique exhaust pipe as well as front skid-plate. Together, the styling elements in the Exterior Styling Kit give your car a more distinctive design.


XC40 Skid Plate Kit

The front styling element reinforces the XC40’s powerful appearance, giving it an even more dynamic and more robust look. The rear skid plate and rear bumper with double integrated tailpipes reinforce the visual impact of the rear section of the XC40. The dual exhaust pipe have the look of four tailpipes that taper out in a powerful and exclusive way.


Special pricing is available on the Skid Plate Kits until the end of March 2019. Contact your nearest Volvo Car dealer for more details.