Volvo Exchange Parts
8:00 PM | March 25 2019

Playing their parts

How Volvo Cars’ Exchange Parts Program and Genuine Classic Parts help keep both older and newer Volvo models motoring on.

Famous hyper-miler Irv Gordon has covered more than three million miles in his 1966 P1800, though he is far from the only Volvo owner to have derived years of driving satisfaction.


And all Volvo owners can feel assurance from the fact the company is ready to respond to natural wear-and-tear with one of the widest exchange part ranges in the car industry – covering parts both new and remanufactured for vehicles up to 15 years after their end of production.


Volvo Exchange Parts Program


Volvo Cars has been remanufacturing spare parts since the 1940s.


It’s a process that has allowed the company to provide components with world-class availability, competitive pricing and rigorous quality and safety standards.


It’s also a sustainable approach – better than recycling, in fact. Compared with a newly made part, a remanufactured component saves up to 85 per cent in raw materials and consumes up to 80 per cent less energy – significantly reducing CO2 emissions and saving nearly 100 tonnes of steel and about 350 tonnes of aluminium per year.


While the process involves taking a worn-out component and meticulously remanufacturing it to the same high standards as the original, the parts, if necessary, are upgraded to the latest version of that part so owners have the best, most up-to-date component.


Once a part has been remanufactured to meet Volvo Cars’ high quality and safety standards, it enters the Volvo Cars Exchange System – waiting patiently for the opportunity to get back on the road.


Volvo Vintage P1800
Volvo Genuine Classic Parts

Need a new grille for your vintage 1960s P1800 coupe? A radiator hose for a 262C? Missing a badge from the side of your 123GT? Or perhaps you need some new seating upholstery for your 244 sedan?


However rare or old your Volvo model, there’s a good chance you can track it down with the help of Genuine Classic Parts and Volvo Cars.


Swedish company Genuine Classic Parts is an approved supplier of original parts for older Volvo models.


Owners of classic Volvos can visit the company’s own site – – to search for a large variety of parts. Prices are provided in a choice of Euros, US dollars and Swedish krona.


Or owners can simply ask for assistance from their nearest Volvo dealership.