Volvo Selekt
9:00 PM | March 25 2019

Volvo Selekt: As good as new

Second hand definitely no longer means second best with Volvo Selekt.

The second-hand revolution is being driven by quality products.


At Volvo, we build cars to last. But if you’re going to buy a used car, you still need to know that it’s been taken good care of. That’s why we launched Volvo Selekt – to make sure your car is fully checked, serviced and, in some cases, even more up-to-date than when it rolled off the production line.


When it comes to getting a car, everyone wants something different. Some people need the technology, features, looks and even the fresh-off-the-production-line smell of a brand new model. Others want the reliability, affordability and immediate availability of used cars.


For Volvo Cars, each one of these ways of getting a car is just as important as the other. So, the Global Used Cars and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) operations worked together to create Volvo Selekt, our certified used program, with the goal of making it the very best way to get behind the wheel of a used Volvo.


“Volvo Selekt is a promise of quality and safety for people who want to buy used,” says Volvo Cars’ Global Selekt Manager, Stephen Lomas. “We take the best cars, we improve them with checks and upgrades, we guarantee their quality, and then we pass them on to you via our dealer network at a competitive price.”


And as we become more and more aware of the amount we consume versus the amount we waste, choosing a pre-loved, top-quality car that’s guaranteed to be in perfect working order is also a sustainable choice. As a result, Volvo Selekt is driven by our three main values of quality, safety and care for the environment.


Volvo Selekt Car



When you buy a Volvo Selekt car, you’re getting more than a great used vehicle.


We’re also giving you our commitment to your satisfaction. Only the best used Volvos qualify for Volvo Selekt, and we then make them even better, upgrading their software and servicing them to meet our latest high standards of quality and safety. This means that a Volvo Selekt car might actually be more up-to-date than when it left the factory.


But that’s not all. Every Volvo Selekt car has a history check carried out and then has to pass 125 spot checks to meet Volvo’s safety, performance and appearance standards. And if any new parts are required during the service, only Volvo Genuine Parts are used – adding an extra stamp of quality and reliability. They are, after all, the parts the car was built from in the first place.


With Volvo Selekt, the car is always connected to the factory’s original record, providing a reliable mark of provenance for all future services and upgrades. Volvo Selekt vehicles also come with an extensive warranty and roadside assistance as standard.


“We know that buying used is every bit as important for some of our drivers as getting the latest model is for others,” says Stephen. “So Volvo Selekt is really important to us – a central part of how we keep drivers happy and cars on the road.


“Selekt will continue to be updated and improved, just like our new cars are. And we’ll also make sure that it’s adapted to fit local used car markets perfectly, making it the best service wherever you are.”


Look for the Selekt sign wherever our cars are sold. You can also browse the range of Volvo Selekt cars online at:

Volvo dealers are always looking for new Volvo Selekt stock, so speak to your local Volvo dealer first if you're looking to trade your current Volvo.



The Volvo Selekt checklist

Carefully selected: Our cars are all under five years old, with less than 100,000km on the clock
• Full service history: Volvo Selekt vehicles have a full service history carried out at an authorised Volvo Cars dealer
• Only Volvo Genuine Parts used
• Checked and updated: Each car receives more than 125 checks by Volvo technicians, as well as software upgrades to the latest technology
• Warranty and assistance: Minimum 12 months unlimited-kilometre warranty and Volvo Roadside Assistance



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