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1:00 PM | October 27 2019

Volvo Service Plans: worry-free maintenance

Peace-of-mind plans cover your MY20 Volvo’s scheduled servicing for the first three years or up to 45,000km.
Volvo Service Plans are a simple, efficient way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle. Our worry-free service plans include comprehensive, scheduled servicing for the first three years or 45,000km, whichever event occurs first, via your Volvo Service Centre.
The Service Plans provide peace of mind, knowing your Volvo is being maintained to the highest of standards by factory-trained technicians using only Volvo Genuine Parts.
Service Plans are available for all Volvo models from model year 19 onwards, which includes our range of multi-award-winning SUVs, the V90 Cross Country wagon, and the All-New S60 sports sedan and All-New V60 wagon.
Each service includes an oil and oil filter change, cabin filter change , computer diagnostic checks, software updates (where required), visual inspection of brake components, tyre condition and pressure checks, visual inspections for any oil or fluid leaks, inspection of steering and suspension, visual check of engine compartment, operational check for all exterior lights and interior instrumentation and warning lamps, a check of windscreen wiper blades for damage, and an underbody visual inspection for any damage.

Volvo service plans

Each service is completed with a quality check and road test.
Volvo Service Plans may be purchased from participating Australian Volvo dealers for eligible Volvo vehicles up to 12 months from the first date of vehicle registration in Australia (or, in the case of an unregistered vehicle, up to 12 months from the date of delivery to the first purchaser or until the first service of the vehicle).
The Service Plan costs for various Volvo models are as follows:
Petrol & Hybrid $1795 RRP (including GST)
Diesel $1895 RRP (including GST)
Petrol & Hybrid $1795 RRP (including GST)
Diesel $1895 RRP (including GST)
Petrol $1595 RRP (including GST)
Petrol $1595 RRP (including GST)
Diesel $1895 RRP (including GST)
Petrol $1595 RRP (including GST)
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