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9:00 PM | April 24 2020

The technology that reminds you of speed limits

Road Sign Information helps Volvo drivers observe prevailing speed limits, helping to keep them safe.
Posted speed limits take factors such as topography, road design and urban density into account and are designed to provide what is deemed a safe maximum speed under ideal conditions.
Exceeding these legally enforced limits increases the risk to lives, including your own safety. 
Knowing the prevailing speed limit isn’t always easy, however. Limits can change frequently, particularly in urban and suburban environments, while even on longer journeys signs can be limited in numbers and freeways can flip between 110km/h and 100km/h, sometimes lower for stretches deemed more hazardous.
Volvo Cars’ Road Sign Information system helps drivers remain aware of speed limits.
Using a forward-facing camera positioned between the top of the windscreen and rear-view mirror, Road Sign Information ‘reads’ signs as they are passed and displays them automatically in a digital panel of the instrument cluster.
For easier recognition, the display replicates a typical speed-limit sign design – a red-bordered circle with the maximum speed in black numbers.
The system can read varying speeds, including 40km/h school-zone signs, though it is important to note that the onus is on the driver to be aware of when school zones are in operation.
If the car starts to exceed the detected speed limit, the speed-limit symbol in the instrument panel flashes gently three times to help make the driver aware.
Road Sign Information, which can also detect ‘No overtaking’ signs, acts as a supplementary driving aid and the driver is always responsible for operating their Volvo safely.
There are instances when the camera will have difficulty detecting signs, such as if signs are faded, damaged, positioned too high, covered or obstructed.
The technology debuted on the 2013 Volvo V40 hatchback, forming part of an optional Driver Support Package. Today, Road Sign Information features on all Volvo models sold in Australia as part of the company’s IntelliSafe Standard suite of active-safety systems.


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