9:30 PM | February 21 2020

10 Lifestyle-Enhancing Accessories for your All-New Volvo V60

The All-New Volvo V60 is available with an extensive range of accessories to enhance the practicality, comfort and versatility of your luxury wagon.
The All-New Volvo V60 is a luxury wagon designed to enrich and complement your lifestyle.
And whether you’re looking for rugged exterior extras, safe and secure transportation solutions, additional cargo-carrying power, or want to unwind in style, the V60’s practicality, comfort and versatility can be enhanced with an extensive range of Accessories.
Here, I Roll selects 10 of its favourite accessories.

Protective Grille

Protective steel grille
Create a secure barrier between the load compartment and your passengers with a sturdy steel grille. Easy to fit, it folds up into the roof when not needed, and the rear backrests can still be folded with the grille in position.
Removable towbar
Each Volvo towbar has been designed for your Volvo, they are an integral part of the car's body and have been tested to ensure that they meet the most stringent safety and function demands while allowing the easy removal of the towball.

Panoramic sunroof
Panoramic roof
The optional panoramic roof available for the V60 bathes the interior in natural light. It’s large enough that those in both the front and rear seats can benefit from it, while special tinted glass reduces unwanted heat and UV radiation. It features a power-operated sunshade that makes it easy to keep strong light out if necessary, while the front part of the roof can be tilted or opened to provide extra ventilation.
Load Compartment
Load compartment mat
This heavy-duty plastic load compartment mat has raised edges that create a lip, stopping dirt and water from getting under the mat. The anti-slip surface stops objects from sliding around.

Roof Box

Roof box
Add 350 litres to the carrying capacity of your V60 with this sleek, Volvo Cars-designed roof box. Quick-grip mountings mean you can secure it with one hand, and an integrated light makes loading at night easy. Its aerodynamic shape helps to keep wind resistance and noise to a minimum.
Neck cushion
The neck cushion is designed for the passenger seat and helps relax you by supporting the head on both sides. A memory foam inner moulds itself to perfectly fit the shape of your neck. Available in either our 80% wool fabric or soft nubuck textile.

Load Carriers
Load carriers
Strong, lockable aluminium bars that clip into the car’s roof rails to provide a base for roof boxes and a range of sports equipment carriers, from ski holders to kayak cradles.

Designed to seamlessly blend with the car’s exterior, these discreet and effective mudflaps help stop the sides of the car getting dirty by reducing the amount of spray created by the wheels.

Towbar bicycle holder

Towbar bicycle holder
Strong yet easy to mount, this holder will carry three bicycles (four with the optional adapter) on the towbar. Ratchet straps secure the wheels and the wheel holders adjust to fit different wheelbases. A tilt function means you can access the load compartment without having to remove the holder.
Aluminium bicycle holder
A light, strong, roof-mounted bicycle holder that positions the bike as you attach it, so it’s always securely fastened in the right place. Adjustable quick-release straps can accommodate different widths of tyre, and the double lock secures the holder and the bicycle to the car.



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