V60 Forest Drive
8:30 PM | February 21 2020

Euro hopping in the All-New Volvo V60

I Roll leaves the city of Hamburg to explore the countryside of northern Germany and the coast of Denmark in search of the perfect weekend in the All-New Volvo V60.
It takes just under five hours to drive from Hamburg, Germany, to the northern coast of Denmark. It’s a weekend journey that we’re making in the All-New Volvo V60, the lifestyle wagon that’s designed to make the most of every moment.
For us, the duration or the destination isn’t as important as the journey itself, and what that journey represents. This is about escaping the week. Swapping deadlines for downtime. It’s about unwinding, exploring and enjoying.
Leaving the buzz of the city behind requires a shift of mindset, but physically it’s easy – the clear directions displayed in portrait format on the centre display of the V60, as well as on the driver display, help us negotiate the Friday traffic effortlessly. It’s 6pm now, and we’re counting every one of those weekend hours. Our agenda is loose – 54 hours and counting.
Settled into a cruise on the German autobahn, the atmosphere is relaxed yet energised, as we anticipate the weekend ahead. Sometimes the time comes for a burst of power and the petrol engine responds accordingly, especially when I flick the drive mode wheel into Dynamic.
Our car has the optional Bowers & Wilkins sound system, which delivers an audio experience so visceral you can hear every nuance of the music. With our favourite tracks playing, the borderlands between Germany and Denmark slip by in a blur. Next stop, our location for the weekend – a beautiful Scandinavian house on the coast near Saltum, Denmark. Nestled among the sand dunes, with the sea air balancing serotonin levels, this is the perfect place to recharge our batteries after a hectic working week.
We wake to the invigorating sound of waves breaking on the shore – a contrast to the stillness and beautiful milky light of dawn. The area we’re staying in is famous for its light, and artists have been drawn to the area for centuries. In the late 19th Century the Skagen Painters spent every summer here, a group of Scandinavian artists captivated by the translucent blue skies, the interplay of colour and natural light, the sun’s reflections on the water, the endless twilight.
Our early morning walk on the beach with the dogs could be straight out of a P. S. Krøyer painting. More strenuous activities are on the agenda, too, thanks to the exceptional versatility of the V60. With its class-leading load space, flexible layout and the availability of a range of useful accessories, this car is a lifestyle-enabler that makes light work of carrying all kinds of sporting and outdoor equipment.
After a day mixing recreation with relaxation, we gather with friends for a meal. Food is an important aspect of the culture in this part of the world. The New Nordic Cuisine movement, which was pioneered by Danish chefs Claus Meyer and René Redzepi, focuses on the purity and freshness of the produce, and the simplicity of its preparation.
That means lots of fresh, seasonal and organic vegetables, delicious fish (you’re never far from the sea in Denmark) and locally reared meat.
After another restorative night’s sleep we continue our exploration of this dramatic coastline, on beautiful driving roads that tightly hug the sea. We put the V60 in Dynamic mode, which sharpens the steering, gears and engine, and enjoy the drive as we soak up the scenery. This is a landscape shaped by sea and wind – and the Danes use it to their advantage.
In 2017, 43.6% of Denmark’s electricity came from wind energy. The wind also gives the flat west coast of Denmark its wild character. Even in summer, you need to keep warm, windproof clothes close at hand.



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