Volvo Duett 950
10:30 PM | February 21 2020

The Memory-Making Wagon

Why the All-New Volvo V60 is designed to help you create, experience and share moments that will last a lifetime.
When Volvo Cars launched the Duett estate way back in 1953, it was the first car of its kind especially designed to meet people’s needs both at work and in their leisure time. 
It was this versatility that led to the Duett becoming one of the best-loved Volvo models ever.
From the very beginning, it was clear that when it came to building estate cars that met the needs of the people and the times, Volvo Cars was a natural.
Now, using our proud heritage as inspiration, we have created a car that effortlessly combines practicality, performance and style, and that is destined to take its place alongside the great Volvo estates of the past. That car is the all-new Volvo V60.

V60 Stockholm
The new V60 brings the classic Volvo wagon effortlessly up to date. With its clean Scandinavian lines, assured stance and elegant exterior details, this is a car uniquely designed to meet the needs of an energetic new generation of estate lovers. The purposeful front grille and sculptured sides emphasise the car’s athletic character, while the strongly defined rear displays its dynamism. With its confident nature and strong sense of purpose, the all-new Volvo V60 is the ideal car for people who lead an active life and appreciate style as much as practicality.
Now, the mention of practicality may not immediately set the pulse racing. But when it comes in the form of an inspired interior and smart storage solutions, it suddenly becomes something to get excited about.

V60 R-Design
The interior of the new V60 is one of the most practical and spacious in its class. For rear-seat passengers, the slim front seat backrests and sculpted rear seats provide plenty of legroom and support. While for your possessions, the spacious load compartment has a volume of 529 litres to the top of the rear backrest – and even more when the rear backrests are folded down.
Cleverly located under the load compartment floor there is a useful storage area for keeping valuable items out of sight. There are also four shopping bag hooks and load-securing eyelets to make sure whatever you’re carrying gets there safely and securely. So, whether you are taking off on a weekend adventure or simply taking on the challenges of the day-to-day, the All-New Volvo V60 is the Lifestyle Enabler that gives you all the space and support you’ll need.
But the All-New V60 offers more than just practicality. The advanced chassis, powerful engine and choice of driving modes mean you can always enjoy an engaging and dynamic driving experience. The luxurious interior combines the finest Scandinavian craftsmanship with the best materials to create an irresistible space that is rewarding to look at and even more rewarding to spend time in.
All technology in the V60 is designed around your needs and is intended to feel as intuitive and easy to use as possible. The combination of touch screen technology and voice control means accessing and controlling apps and features such as navigation, climate control and the Sensus entertainment system has never felt simpler or safer.

V60 roof detail
Of course, we couldn’t talk about the all-new V60 without mentioning safety – especially since the safety systems onboard the new V60 makes it one of the safest cars on the road. The car comes equipped with a comprehensive range of on-board safety features as standard, including advanced driver support systems and a new world safety first – Autobrake to help mitigate oncoming collisions.
But it’s not just you, your passengers and other road users that the new V60 is designed to protect. It also does its bit to help protect the world around it. With Volvo Cars’ ground-breaking electrification strategy to electrify all new cars from 2019 in mind, the All-New V60 comes with a plug-in hybrid powertrain option. 
There’s no doubt about it, Volvo wagons have come a long way since 1953 and the release of the Duett.
But with each new generation comes a new appreciation for this iconic – and particularly Swedish – type of car. And with this comes the opportunity for new memories to be made,
experiences to share and tales to pass on to the next generation.


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