Volvo Load Carrier
9:30 PM | June 22 2020

The Volvo Accessory that’s ready to support your active lifestyle

Whether you’re heading to the snow, going on a cycling adventure or just need to carry extra gear in a roof box, Volvo Car’s Load Carrier is an essential lifestyle accessory.
Volvo Cars designs vehicles to complement your lifestyle and make life easier. Yet the “lifestyle enabler” designation can be further enhanced through the Swedish car maker’s extensive range of Accessory options. 
One of the fundamental Accessory products for any Volvo is the Load Carrier, which facilitates safe and secure transportation of roof loads. 
Comprising strong, lockable aluminium bars, the Load Carrier clips simply onto your Volvo’s roof rails, allowing you to quickly and easily install a roof storage box or sports-equipment carriers such as ski/snowboard holders, bicycle holders and kayak cradles. 

Volvo bike carrier
Above: Volvo Load Carrier combined with bicycle holder. 
With the integrated torque wrench, the Load Carrier can be adjusted easily for correct fastening – providing increased safety and security. 
The Load Carrier’s attractive design features an aerodynamically-shaped wing profile that has been optimised to give minimal air resistance and wind noise, making your journey more comfortable. 
Load Carriers are available for all Volvo vehicles sold in Australia, with maximum roof loads varying between 60kg and 100kg depending on model. 



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