Volvo Wellness series
11:30 PM | May 25 2020

The Volvo Wellness Series on Facebook and Instagram

Volvo’s social media series explores how you can make the most of the current extended time at home through the Scandinavian philosophy of Hygge.
Last month, Volvo Car Australia launched the Volvo Wellness Series – a social media initiative that embraces the company’s Scandinavian heritage as inspiration to support people during the current situation.
At a time when we are all spending more time at home than ever before, the Volvo Wellness Series comprises seven weekly Facebook and Instagram posts that tap into the Scandinavian philosophy of Hygge – pronounced “hoo-gah” – and provide tips on how to practice it.
After all, Scandinavian countries dominate the annual World’s Happiest Nations Report despite people in the region spending a vast amount of time inside during the long winter months.
The series of videos, animations and interactive stories explores how spending more time at home is an opportunity to slow down and re-evaluate the way we enjoy life.
They include the seven elements of Hygge:

This is the Hygge practice of caring for those that matter most, and this post provides examples of activities we can enjoy with our resident loved ones to make the most of our time at home together – using our home as a playground, a stage, and as a new source of adventure. This relates not just to people; it can also include consideration for your pets, caring for them and remembering to share experiences with them, too. Don’t forget - spending time with our pets increases oxytocin levels, which leaves us feeling happier.
Kanelbullar – or cinnamon buns – are a big tradition in Sweden, and are often enjoyed with a cup of coffee. It’s said the average Swede consumes 300 of these buns every year. Our Delight post publishes a delicious, indulgent cinnamon bun recipe you can make at home – giving you the chance to indulge in this Swedish treat at home and enjoy the sweet, uplifting and comforting smells of baking.
Light a Candle
Sanctuary, Comfort and Presence
Three elements of Hygge serve to inspire you to cosy up and finish that book you’ve been reading. Tips include creating a comfortable reading space, lighting a candle for warmth and ambience, switching off all devices, and snuggling up under a blanket.
An interactive Instagram story that encourages you to find joy in the smallest things by reflecting on the people in your life and the memories you’ve made together. The post gives you the opportunity to share your own gratitude with questions such as: Who are you most grateful for? What have you taken for granted in the past?
The Hygge element Ambience is about creating an atmosphere in your home that’s calming, soothing and cosy. And what better way to do this than with music. These Facebook and Instagram posts introduce a curated Spotify playlist titled ‘Ambient tracks’ – designed to let your mind drift while listening to calming chords while sitting in a cosy armchair with a steaming cup of tea.
To discover the Volvo Wellness Series and try the seven elements of Hygge for yourself, follow Volvo Car Australia on Facebook and Instagram.

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