XC60 Windcreen
9:30 PM | May 25 2020

Your windscreen isn’t just a window

Your windscreen protects you, so let Volvo Cars help you keep it that way.
In 1944, the PV444 became the first properly affordable Volvo for the average person on the street. It was also memorable for its swooping, curvy body that was inspired by American car design of the time.
Yet the PV444 was also notable for introducing a world-first in safety: the laminated windscreen. This innovation prevented shards of glass from entering the passenger cabin in the event of an accident or impact on the windscreen from a foreign object. 
Today, windscreens remain a crucial part of a vehicle’s safety. They protect you against the weather and environment, of course, though there’s more to it than that.
Your windscreen is also a vital element in the correct operation of Driver Support systems, such as Driver Alert Control and Auto-braking, because these systems utilise an internal camera that ‘looks out’ of the windscreen to monitor lane markings, as well as vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
If your windscreen is beginning to wear or has stone chip damage, you can stop by at an authorised Volvo workshop to have it mended or replaced.
If your windscreen needs replacing, it’s crucial that the new windscreen is a Volvo-genuine part, and fitted correctly. Not only will your authorised Volvo workshop ensure the correct parts and installation, but they always recalibrate all Driver Support systems after installation to ensure these systems continue to provide optimal support.
That’s why speaking to your local Volvo dealership will help to maintain the safety of your Volvo.