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10:30 PM | October 16 2020

Volvo Cars targets transformation of its consumer retail experience

Volvo Cars is aiming to transform the automotive retail business with a seamless, integrated online/offline consumer experience.
Volvo Cars is fundamentally modernising and upgrading the way its customers buy, lease, subscribe to and service their cars as it works towards its ambition to sell 50 per cent of its global volume online by 2025.
The company has recently acquired (subject to regulatory approvals) Upplands Motor, the Stockholm-based dealership, while also announcing a planned full takeover of the retailer Bra Bil, with the aim to merge the two operations with Volvo Bil, its own dealership.
The merged operation will enable Volvo Cars to pilot a technology-led transformation of its retail operations in its home market. Its strategy is to create a seamless online/offline experience, together with its retail partners, globally. 
This merged operation will enable Volvo Cars to fully utilise the strong home market to gain knowledge and develop the future business model.
Volvo Cars believes customers want the same kind of modern, hassle-free retail experience when buying or servicing their car that they enjoy elsewhere. The traditional retail system has served customers well for decades but, as the leading automotive brand in Sweden, Volvo now needs to transform to meet future consumer demands head on.

Volvo transforming the retail business
Above: Björn Annwall, head of the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region at Volvo Cars.
Volvo customers will soon be able to move with ease between online and offline, allowing them to save time and money by undertaking much of the buying process online, while maintaining the ability to visit a retailer in person as and when necessary.
“This is about changing together,” said Björn Annwall, head of the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region at Volvo Cars. “The physical retailer and the opportunity for consumers to engage with dedicated, enthusiastic and qualified Volvo personnel remains crucial to our future. We are committed to improving customers’ experiences by working closely together with our retail partners.”
Lex Kerssemakers, head of commercial operations at Volvo Cars, said: “As the world around us changes rapidly, and consumers interact with the Volvo brand in even more ways, we need to make sure that every interaction adds to their total Volvo experience.”
“This is key to our commercial transformation and why we focus on a seamless interaction between online and offline. Today’s investment is another milestone as we create a modern, personalised customer experience together with our retailers.”
*This initiative is for the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region and not applied to the Australian market.



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