Volvo XC40 Recharge
11:30 PM | August 20 2021

Volvo urges federal and state governments to follow NSW’s EV lead

Volvo Car Australia is strongly encouraging policy makers to avoid allowing Australia to lag behind the rest of the world on electric vehicle strategies.
Volvo Car Australia has welcomed the NSW Government's electric vehicle strategy and urged federal and state governments to quickly develop their own plans to drive uptake of electric vehicles.
"Volvo applauds the NSW Government's electric vehicle reform package. It is a significant step in the right direction to increase penetration of electric vehicles in Australia, which is lagging the rest of the developed world on uptake," said Volvo Car Australia’s managing director, Stephen Connor.
"Volvo firmly believes there is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine. Therefore, Volvo is committed to become a fully electric car company by 2030 and becoming a leader in the fast-growing premium electric car market.
"In less than a decade we intend to sell only fully electric cars and phase out any car in our global portfolio with an internal combustion engine, including hybrids.
"This will allow us to meet the expectations of our customers and be a part of the solution when it comes to fighting climate change. Other car makers have announced similar plans.
"We urge the federal government, and other states and territories, to recognise this reality, and fast track their electric vehicle strategies. This is crucial to ensure Australia does not lag behind the global car market which is responding to the seismic technological change that is underway," Mr Connor said.
Volvo Car Australia’s recently released 2022 model range includes pure electric, mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles as the company forges ahead with its electrification strategy.
In August Volvo will launch its first all-electric car, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, which will be the first of five all-electric models to be launched over the next five years.