Volvo Polestar 2 Car of the Year
9:30 PM | January 15 2021

Polestar 2 is Norway’s Car of the Year

One of the world’s biggest EV markets has declared the Polestar 2 electric GT its 2020 Car of the Year.
Polestar 2 has been announced as Norway’s Car of the Year.
The annual award, presented by Dagbladet, is an acclaimed industry award decided by a panel of expert judges.
“To win Car of the Year in Norway, the world’s most advanced EV market, is a huge achievement for our young Polestar brand,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.
“Norway has been a key market from the start of our journey, and this level of recognition, on top of our recent People’s Choice Award from the Norwegian public, encourages and motivates us to keep pushing and carving our own path.”
The Car of the Year announcement follows just one week after Polestar was voted as this year’s People’s Choice by the Norwegian public. Both awards are delivered and handed out by Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.
The all-Norwegian jury consists of experts, journalists and members of Norwegian EV associations. In their jury statement, they recognised the Polestar 2 as “a great joy to drive at a very reasonable price point”.

Polestar 2 Norwegian Car of the Year
“The switch to all electric is hard, it’s happening fast, and I feel that all these delightful fuel cars with roaring engines that we petrolheads love are disappearing – but this is somehow not relevant when I got into the Polestar 2,” said jury member and Dagbladet car journalist Rune Nesheim.
“From the second I got into the Polestar 2 I enjoyed myself and left wishing this was the car I was able to drive every day. The driving experience is extremely good, the design is sporty, cool and edgy and when the price is factored in, it’s just a great car at a great price point.”
Head of Polestar Norway, Alexander Hørthe, said the brand’s first year on sale in Norway had been an exciting one.
“Six months ago we didn’t have a single car in the country and now we stand here with two Norwegian and several international awards. It’s fair to say this has been an amazing journey. I would like to thank the judges for their kind words and, most importantly, I would like to say a huge thank you to our customers and our team.”
The award is presented in relation to Dagbladet’s annual Car of the Year Awards.
Norway’s recognition follows the Polestar 2’s success in Germany, where it won the 2020 Golden Steering Wheel in the medium-sized-SUV category as well as being voted German Car of the Year in the ‘Luxury’ category.