Volvo Mild Hybrids
10:30 PM | May 21 2021

Volvo Mild Hybrids: new electrified models set for Australia

New B5 and B6 electrified variants will bring fuel-efficiency gains via a clever combination of electric motor, 48-volt battery, turbo petrol engine and brake-by-wire energy recovery.
A new range of mild-hybrid Volvo vehicles will go on sale in Australia later this year, bringing an integrated electrified powertrain that delivers fuel savings and emission reductions.
The models will wear a new ‘B’ badge and replace both ‘D’ (diesel) and ‘T’ (petrol) designations in the line-up as part of the company’s electrification strategy, which is eliminating vehicles powered solely by conventional internal combustion engines.
The XC90 luxury seven-seater SUV, XC60 mid-sized luxury SUV, S60 premium sports sedan and the V60 Cross Country luxury wagon will be the first Volvos to include either a B5 or B6 variant in their ranges.
Every Mild Hybrid vehicle combines an electric Integrated Starter Generator, 48-volt battery and a 12-volt/48-volt converter with a turbocharged petrol engine, and features an advanced brake-by-wire energy recovery system.
The kinetic energy created naturally during deceleration is stored in the 48-volt battery and then used momentarily by the integrated starter generator to boost the turbo petrol engine. The electric motor also acts as a starter to rev-up the engine instantly yet smoothly for more effortless take-off.
Overall, this seamless technology delivers a smoother and more fuel-efficient driving experience.
B5 models produce 184kW and 350Nm and will come in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive format. B6 variants feature all-wheel drive exclusively and produce 220kW and 420Nm.
Mild Hybrid vehicles will sit below Recharge Plug-In Hybrid models in the XC90, XC60 and S60 ranges.
The Mild Hybrid models are due in the third quarter of 2021 as part of the company’s MY22 line-up.
Volvo Cars announced its industry-leading electrification strategy in 2017. It has since stated that the company will move to an all-electric vehicle line-up from 2030.

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