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10:00 PM | November 21 2021

Volvo Car Australia achieves record sales despite pandemic

XC40 compact luxury SUV continues to lead the way as Volvo sales reach new heights in Australia.
Volvo Car Australia has already achieved its strongest sales year yet, despite the industry-wide impact of the global pandemic on stock supply.
National sales data released for October shows Volvo has already sold nearly 7932 luxury vehicles in 2021, eclipsing the previous record of 7779 vehicles the company sold in Australia for the entirety of 2019 as well as 2020’s full-year volume of 7700 cars.
Overall, Volvo's year to date sales have increased by 32 per cent compared with last year, when nearly 6000 vehicles were sold to the end of October 2020.
Volvo is also achieving strong demand for its newly launched XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, the first all-electric vehicle that the company introduced locally in September.
"Our entire 2021 allocation of XC40 Recharge Pure Electric sold out on pre-order, and the orders for the Pure Electric are fast approaching that for our internal combustion engine cars," said Volvo Car Australia’s managing director, Stephen Connor.
"There is no doubt Australians are embracing electric cars in increasing numbers. In September our XC40 Recharge Pure Electric made up 21 per cent of our overall sales. Our forward order book for Recharge heading into next year is very strong.
"As global supply chains recover during 2022, we are confident of our continued growth with a further high double-digit growth driven by our all-electric strategy.
"XC40 Recharge Pure Electric is the first of five all-electric models Volvo will launch over the next five years as globally we strive to make all-electric cars 50% of our sales by 2025 although my personal ambition for Australia is 100% by 2025.
"This is in line with our electrification strategy of introducing only all-electric models that complement our soon to be phased out line-up of mild-hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars as Volvo takes the lead in embracing a cleaner mobility.
"It underlines our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our products, and to improve air quality in our cities. Most of all, it shows that we listen to our customers and their needs.
"Volvo's consistent double-digit growth in 2021 reinforces our standing as one of the fastest growing luxury car brands in Australia."