Volvo Next Gen Car Materials
11:30 PM | October 25 2021

New report explores future of sustainable luxury materials

Volvo Cars collaborates with The Future Laboratory on a report into how designers are responding to an evolving material world.
Two-thirds of consumers consider a brand’s environmental policies as a critical factor when purchasing luxury products, according to a recent study*.
The same percentage of buyers would like to see carbon labelling on products as a way of providing greater transparency on the environmental impact of products and materials**.
This means the material world is evolving and designers around the world are actively sourcing high-quality, sustainable, and responsibly sourced materials as they strive to create the luxury products of the future.
These and other conclusions appear in The Rise of Conscious Design, a new report issued by Volvo Cars in collaboration with leading trend forecasting company The Future Laboratory.
The publication of the report coincides with Volvo Cars’ announcement that all its new fully electric models will be completely leather-free. 

Volvo Next Gen Car Materials
The report draws on a wealth of existing research, as well as new interviews and insights from thought leaders from a variety of industries, such as: Claire Bergkamp, COO of The Textile Exchange and former Worldwide Sustainability and Innovation Director for Stella McCartney; Wen Zhou, CEO of 3.1 Phillip Lim; Dr Leonardi Bonnani, Founder and CEO of Sourcemap; and Xu Gang, co-Founder of Bentu Design.
The conclusions and insights in the report in many ways reflect Volvo Cars’ own vision of the future of materials.
As part of its ambitions to go completely leather-free, Volvo Cars is working actively to find high-quality and sustainable sources for many materials currently used in the wider car industry.
“We have a vision of where we need to go in the future, with the first step to ensure we harness sustainable, natural and recycled materials,” said Robin Page, head of design at Volvo Cars. “The next challenge is to change what we do with these materials, whether that’s making car parts that last forever, re-enter the circular economy, or go back into the earth.”
Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory, said: “Conscious design can fundamentally transform our society and it’s integral that brands harness the opportunities on offer. Conscious design is showing a way forward and could transform the world in the process.”
By 2025, the company is aiming for 25 per cent of the material in new Volvo cars to consist of recycled and bio-based content, as part of its ambition to be a fully circular business by 2040.
Click the link below to learn more about The New Fabric of Volvo Cars, or click here to read The Rise of Conscious Design report.

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