Your life, your Volvo XC40

Your life, your Volvo XC40

Create a Volvo XC40 that’s perfect for the way you live, with Volvo Cars accessories designed around you and your Volvo Compact SUV.

21" 5-Triple Open Spoke Alloy Wheel

These 21-inch, five-spoke accessory wheels accentuate the tough character of the First Ever Volvo XC40. A diamond-cut finish perfectly complements the bold, uncluttered lines of this Volvo SUV.

Pack and load

Live your life to the full – Volvo Cars accessories are created to make your Volvo XC40 luxury Compact SUV even more versatile.

Protective steel grille

Our strong steel grille provides a sturdy barrier between the passenger and load compartments of the First Ever XC40. Fitted using simple attachment points, it helps you transport your pet – or bulky loads – as safely and securely as possible.

Reversible textile cargo compartment mat

This reversible mat has high-quality textile on one side and waterproof plastic on the other, to suit a variety of needs. Durable and practical, the mat also extends to protect the rear seat backs of your XC40 when they are folded down.

Bicycle holder, frame mounted

This bicycle holder allows you to take what you love with you. Made from strong yet lightweight aluminium, it holds a bicycle in place with a quick-release, self-adjusting lockable clasp. A tensioner arm keeps the bike in place while you’re driving.

Removeable towbar
Removable towbar

Each Volvo towbar has been designed for your Volvo, they are an integral part of the car's body and have been tested to ensure that they meet the most stringent safety and function demands while allowing the easy removal of the towball.

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