Volvo XC40: Intuitive and Innovative Features

Intuitive Design

Expertly crafted for the city Volvo XC40 is designed with people at the heart of its innovative design. It's not just a pleasure to drive, but this Volvo SUV was created to feel natural and intuitive with you in mind.
Take the wheel
Take the wheel

The feel of a car is more than just a great drive. It's why the XC40 features a leather accented steering wheel that provides luxurious comfort.

Luxurious touch
A luxurious touch

A contemporary design meets sport car sensibility. With suede inserts plus leather seating, it both looks fantastic and feels it too.

Chrome chic
Chrome chic

This compact SUV's Scandinavian personality shines again in its stylish chrome finishes, giving that professional final touch to the car's interior features.

Designer dashboard
Designer dashboard

A polished aluminum dashboard maintains the minimalist design, housing a large single speaker deep within, providing ingenious storage and a great look.

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XC40 Intuitive Design


First ever XC40


Intuitive Interior

Ingenious storage is at the heart of the XC40 in order to make city life that little bit easier. This compact SUV's interior is cleverly engineered to fit more of your modern lifestyle in a beautifully designed space.
Smart storage

The first ever XC40's interior is the sum of several clever ideas. Whether it's storage for your laptop beneath a seat or slots for your smartphone and cards, it's a smarter way to organise your life on the move.

Storage solutions
Solving everyday problems

Following research into how city dwellers use their cars, features such as multiple bag hooks for your belongings and a removable trash bin have been included in this small SUV to help towards a cleaner and more spacious drive.

Better speakers
Better speakers, better storage

Choose the optional Harman Kardon Premium Sound Audio system for your XC40, to achieve both better audio quality and storage solutions, we moved our speakers from the doors to the dashboard, meaning more space for your possessions without sacrificing great sound.
Perfect for passengers

Because some city adventures involve more than just the driver, the first ever XC40 has ensured rear-seat passengers have traditional leg and headroom for a more comfortable journey.

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XC40 Intuitive Interior


Volvo XC40 in showroom with blue background


Intuitive Technology

The smart solution for city driving, Volvo XC40 is packed with technology that simplifies your journey and makes the driving experience of this compact SUV an absolute pleasure.
Volvo XC40 Harman Kardon speaker
Spectacular sound

For an immersive experience, choose the optional Harman Kardon Premium Sound Audio system for your XC40. A smarter, more compact 13-set of speakers drives clear audio throughout the car, with bass that cleverly adapts to the interior space.

Person opening Volvo XC60 tailgate with a single foot movement
Handsfree tailgate

When your hands are occupied, simply open or close the tailgate with a single foot movement under the rear bumper of the XC40.

Volvo XC40 interior light
Bright idea

A simple solution when navigating your XC40's interior. Never lose sight of anything that drops down the edges with this gentle side light.

Luxurious touch
Smart screen

Intelligent driving is at your fingertips with the 9-inch Sensus touchscreen. It's your infotainment and music streaming hub that crafts a perfect driving experience.

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XC40 Intuitive Technology


R Design engraving on Volvo


Intuitive Experience

A great driving experience is best enjoyed effortlessly. Going above and beyond what’s expected of a modern car, the XC40 compact SUV is packed with features and technology that hones in on safety, sophistication and creating stress-free journeys for a city lifestyle.
Automated Opening
Automated Opening

When your hands are full, think with your feet. The power-operated tailgate can be opened with just a wave of your foot beneath the rear bumper, then simply closed with another.

Volvo 360° parking assist camera screen
360° Parking Assist

Get a birds-eye view when executing a tricky park thanks to the 360° Camera. Using multiple cameras around your car, it generates a top-down live feed that guides you into that perfect city spot.

Clever Connectivity
Clever Connectivity

Let your phone become one with the XC40. Beyond the convenience of its wireless charging, effortlessly connect your music via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for that perfect driving playlist.

Smart & Steady
Smart & Steady

Intelligent enough to maintain a perfect drive, Pilot-Assist’s lane departure technology gently steers you back to centre if you’re veering. It’s one of many Pilot Assist features safeguarding the journey for you and your passengers.

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XC40 Intuitive Experience


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