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Volvo XC60: Reviews from automotive experts

See what motoring journalists the world over had to say about the XC60.

Alex Inwood, Editor - Wheels Mag

"It sets a new global benchmark for medium SUVs and is a deserving winner of the Wheels Car of the Year award"

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2017 Drive Car of the Year: Best Luxury SUV

"Simply put, the new Volvo XC60 is an impressive SUV"

2017 Drive Car of the Year: Safety Innovation

"It’s a significant step towards driverless cars that have the potential to drastically decrease accidents."

Motoring.com.au (AU)


"Simply put, the new Volvo XC60 is an impressive SUV"


"The XC60 offers immense build quality, sharp looks and a surprising wide range of powertrains. It’s bigger, more efficient and, as usual with Volvo, as safe as a bank."

Tech Radar

"The XC60 does anything but hold back, and with those safety credentials, this is an impressive luxury SUV."

Wheels (AU) - 2

"The new XC60 has the core DNA to create a deeply impressive premium SUV, not to mention a deeply alluring one, thanks to its delightful interior design and refreshingly individual styling"

Drive (AU)

"Comfortable and appealing to drive ... with frugal engines, and an upscale but roomy interior, it seems that Volvo has really hit its stride with this latest introduction."

Motoring.com.au (AU)

"The XC60 is a car to be praised, and from having driven the latest Audi Q5 there’s no doubt in my mind that the Volvo is competitive with the German SUV."

Car Advice (AU)

2018 Volvo XC60 Australia Interior View

"Buyers can rest assured that this generation XC60 is a very good thing” - Matt Campbell

Drive (AU)

Grey All-New Volvo XC60 Australia Profile

“The XC60 is an excellent snapshot of what a luxury SUV should offer in 2017” - David McCowen

Wheels (AU)

White All-New Volvo XC60 Australia Front View Forest

“Volvo delivers downsized fuel-efficient engines and a typically Scandinavian level-headed take on what family buyers really want and need” - Andy Enright

Auto Express (UK)

 All-New XC60 Volvo Australia Touchscreen Media System

"The XC60 is another car that confirms the Volvo’s place among the world’s premium brands." - Steve Fowler

Autocar (UK)

White All-New Volvo XC60 Australia Full Rear View

"Volvo is undergoing something of a resurgence, what with the new XC90, and S and V90. This new XC60 is in the same vein, which is why if you’ve been following Volvo’s newfound good fortune at all you’ll know what to expect." - Matt Prior

What Car? (UK)

2018 XC60 Luxury SUV Gearbox

"Not all that long ago, the Swedish brand was viewed very much as a cut-price alternative to the premium German trident of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Well, these days Volvo is no longer knocking on the door of that exclusive club – it's partying hard inside." - What Car? Team

Sunday Times (UK)

White All-New Volvo XC60 Australia Side View

"Should be on the shortlist of every SUV buyer." - Will Dron

Car and Driver (US)

White All-New Volvo XC60 Australia Rear View

"So far, we’d say that this new kid is a faithful chip off the XC90’s block." - Joe Lorio

Motor Trend (US)

All-New 2018 Volvo XC60 Scandinavian Design Door

"The SPA treatment has totally worked the kinks out of the interior, upgrading the 2018 XC60 to the same spare Scandinavian design aesthetic that we’ve enthused about in the 90-series vehicles" - Frank Markus

Irish Times (IRE)

White All-New Volvo XC60 Australia Side View

"A match for German rivals." - Michael McAleer

The future of safety

The Volvo XC60

The next generation SUV has arrived.