XC90 Twin Engine


Activating and starting the adaptive cruise control*

The adaptive cruise control (Adaptive Cruise Control - ACC) must first be activated and then started if it is to control the speed and distance.
P5-1507-ACC På

NOTE: The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.

Activate Adaptive Cruise Control

Immediately after the engine is started the Adaptive Cruise Control is in the standby mode.

Press ◀ (2) or ▶ (3) to browse to the symbol/function (4).
The symbol is displayed and Adaptive Cruise Control is set in standby mode.

Start Adaptive Cruise Control

In order to start the ACC the following requirements apply:
  • The driver's seatbelt must be buckled and the driver's door must be closed.
  • There must be a vehicle (the "target vehicle") within reasonable distance in front of the car, or the current speed must be at least 15 km/h (9 mph).
  • For cars with manual gearbox. Speed must be at the lowest 30 km/h(20 mph).
With the symbol/function displayed - press the steering wheel button (1).
Adaptive cruise control starts and the current speed is stored, which is shown in figures in the centre of the speedometer.
P5-1519-xc90H-Symbol DA

The time interval is only adjusted to the vehicle ahead by the ACC when the distance symbol shows two vehicles.

P5-1507-ACC Hastighet skillnad

At the same time a speed range is marked.

The higher speed is the stored/selected speed and the lower speed is that of the vehicle ahead (target vehicle).

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