Updated 1/21/2020


The heater has two subfunctions that help to heat the passenger compartment or engine in different situations.

The heater has two subfunctions:

  • Parking heater - heats the passenger compartment, if necessary, when the parking climate control's preconditioning is activated.
  • Additional heater - heats the passenger compartment and engine, if necessary, during driving.

Either a fuel-driven heater or an electric heater is used, depending on the marketAn authorised Volvo dealer has information regarding which markets use which type of heater..

The heater is fitted in the front right-hand wheel housing.


When the heater is runningApplicable to fuel-driven auxiliary heater., smoke may be emitted from the right-hand front wheel housing and a low hum may be heard. A ticking sound from the fuel pump may also be heard from the rear section of the car. This is perfectly normal.

Battery and charging

The heater is powered by the car's hybrid battery. If the charge level of the hybrid battery is too low, then the heater is switched off automatically and the driver display shows a message.


Make sure that there is enough charge in the battery if the heater needs to be used.

Fuel and refuelling

Applies to fuel-driven heater.

P5-1507–Climate–Fuel cap heater warning

Warning label on fuel filler flap.

The heater uses fuel from the car's normal fuel tank.

If the car is parked on a steep hill, the front of the car should point downhill to ensure that there is a supply of fuel to the heater.

If the level in the fuel tank is too low then the heater is switched off automatically and the driver display shows a message.


Make sure there is enough fuel in the car's fuel tank if the heater needs to be used.


Fuel which spills out could be ignited. Switch off the fuel-driven heater before starting to refuel.

P6-XC40-1746-Tell tale symbol pre-heater in driver display

Check in the driver display that the heater is switched off. This symbol is lit when it is working as a parking heater.

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