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Voice control in Volvo On Call * app

Updated 6/5/2020

Voice control in Volvo On Call * app

With a digital assistant such as Siri, you can control certain Volvo On Call functions by only using your voice. For example, you can ask how much fuel is left or check that the doors are locked.

Voice control with digital assistant

As a Volvo On Call user, you have the opportunity to use your voice to control some of the functions available for Volvo On Call. Voice control is yet another way to use the Volvo On Call app to simplify your car ownership. You need to have the Volvo On Call app installed on an iPhone and have Siri activated.

Voice functions

To use a voice-controlled Volvo On Call function with Siri, start Siri and ask Siri to perform the function you want to use. For a list of possible phrases, start Siri on your smartphone, tap on the question mark at the bottom and select Volvo On Call in the list of apps that are shown.

The following functions can be controlled by voice using Siri:

  • Check that the car is locked.
  • Locking and unlocking the car.
  • Check the fuel level.
  • Sound the car's horn to locate it.


Voice control of Volvo On Call is available in all languages and markets for which Siri is available.

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