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Volvo On Call * app for hybrid cars

Updated 6/5/2020

Volvo On Call * app for hybrid cars

The functions for the Volvo On Call app may differ between different Volvo models. As the owner of a hybrid car, you have access to Volvo On Call functions that, amongst other things, show battery and charge status or help you to find the nearest charging station.

Battery and charging status

To view information on your battery level and how long you can drive on this charge:

Log in to your Volvo On Call app. Under the Home tab, select Battery range.

You will find the following information here:

  • Battery level: The status of the high voltage battery is shown in a graph
  • Range (km): Indication of distance when driving on the battery alone
  • Charging status: Shows whether or not the charging cable is connected
  • Your Volvo's location

My charging stations

The Volvo On Call app helps you to find the nearest charging station and gives you the option of saving eight charging stations in a favourites list. You can also make the following settings for each charging station:

  • Add a reminder about charging if you stop at a charging station in your favourites list without charging.
  • Schedule charging (start and end time).
  • Message when charging is interrupted, such as due to a power cut, for example.

Settings for my charging stations

To create unique settings for your favourite charging stations:

Log in to your Volvo On Call app. Under the Home tab, select Battery range.

Select a charging station (or add a new one).

You can define settings for your charging stations here by enabling/disabling charging reminders and scheduling charging.


Owners of plug-in hybrids can control the car’s air conditioning from the app and cool or heat the compartment to the required temperature. Your car needs to be plugged in for you to cool it down.

To set preconditioning:

Log in to the Volvo On Call app. Under the Home tab, select Parking heater/Parking climate.

Program Timer 1 and Timer 2 by selecting the time by which you want preconditioning to be complete.

The car will warm up or cool down the passenger compartment in order to reach the required inner temperature. The required temperature is the current setting you defined for your climate control system.

You can also control the climate with instant actions from the app. Press Start or Stop under Parking heater/Parking climate. These commands will interrupt any set timers.

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