Engine and passenger compartment heater

Fuel-driven additional heater*

Updated 7/23/2018

The car is equipped with either an electric or a fuel-driven additional heater.

The heater starts automatically when extra heat is required when the engine is running.

The heater is switched off automatically when the correct temperature is reached or when the engine is switched off.


When the auxiliary heater is active there may be smoke from underneath the car, which is perfectly normal.

Auto mode or shutdown

The additional heater's automatic start sequence can be switched off if required.


Volvo recommends that the fuel-driven additional heater should be switched off for short distances.

Before starting the engine: Select key position I.

Press OK to access the menu.

Scroll with the thumbwheel to Additional heaterAnalogue combined instrument panel. or SettingsDigital combined instrument panel. and select with OK.

Select one of the options ON or OFF using the thumbwheel and confirm with OK.

Exit the menu with RESET.


The menu options are only visible in key position I - any adjustments must therefore be made before starting the engine.

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