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Internet map - scroll menu

Updated 7/23/2018

In Scroll mode the map image is moved with the centre console numeric keys.

P3/P4-1420-IMAP-menu-Scroll view over POI

Scroll mode with crosshairSelect whether the position of the crosshair/cursor should be shown with name or GPS coordinates, see map options..

To activate Scroll mode in normal map mode

  • Press one of the numeric keys 0-9.

To scroll

  • Press one of the numeric number keys 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9- a directional arrow is shown in the margins, combined with the number to be used to move the map in the desired direction.

To zoom

  • Turn the TUNE knob.

Numeric key "5"

P3-1020-S60/V60 Symbol telefon 5

Pressing the number 5 in Scroll mode centres the map around the car's position.

To exit from Scroll mode

  • Press EXIT or NAV.


P3/P4-1420-IMAP-menu-Scroll view over POI-information

Press OK once to show a menu for the point on the map, which the centre of the crosshair points to:

  • Set single destination - Deletes any previous destinations in the itinerary and starts guidance on the map.
  • POI information - shows name and address on the screen for the POI closest to the crosshair. For more information on POI, see Internet map - points of interest (POI) symbols.
  • Information - Shows information available about the selected location.
  • Save - Allows you to store the selected location in the memory.

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