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V60 Twin Engine

Engine compartment

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Fuses - general

All electrical functions and components are protected by a number of fuses in order to protect the car's electrical system from damage by short circuiting or overloading.

Starter battery - replacement

The starter battery in the car can be replaced without the help of a workshop.

Engine oil - grade and volume

Engine oil grade and volume for each respective engine alternative can be read in the table.


Engine oil - checking and filling

The oil level is detected with the electronic oil level sensor.

Power steering fluid - grade

Power steering fluid is the denomination of the medium used in the car's power steering system.

Brake fluid - grade and volume

Brake fluid is the term for the medium in a hydraulic brake system that is used to transfer pressure from the master brake cylinder to the mechanical brakes.

Fuses - in engine compartment

Fuses in the engine compartment protect engine and brake functions, amongst other things.

Battery - symbols

There are information and warning symbols on the batteries.

Coolant - grade and volume

Approved coolant volume for each respective engine alternative can be read in the table.

Brake and clutch fluid - level

The brake fluid level should be between container's MIN and MAX marks.

Washer fluid - filling

Washer fluid is used for cleaning the headlamps and windows. Washer fluid with antifreeze must be used when the temperature is below freezing point.

Power steering fluid - level

The power steering fluid level must be between the reservoir's MIN and MAX marks. The fluid does not need to be changed.

Coolant - level

The coolant cools the internal combustion engine to the correct operating temperature. The heat that is transferred from the engine to the coolant can be used to heat the passenger compartment.

Engine oil - general

An approved engine oil must be used in order that the recommended service intervals can be applied.

Starter battery - general

The starter battery is used to drive the starter motor and other electrical equipment in the car.

Engine compartment - overview

The overview shows some service-related components.

Electrical system

The electrical system is single-pole and uses the chassis and engine casing as a conductor.

Fuses - in the engine compartment's cold zone

Fuses in the engine compartment's cold zone are fitted in cars with the Start/Stop function.

Engine compartment - checking

Some oils and fluids should be checked at regular intervals.