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Problems logging in with Volvo ID

Updated 11/10/2020

Problems logging in with Volvo ID

This article describes problems that may arise when logging in with Volvo ID. For example, if you have forgotten your password or your Volvo ID username.

Forgotten your password

To reset your password, follow the instructions below:

Via Volvo Cars website

You can change your password directly on the Volvo Cars website.

You can find options for managing your Volvo ID in the top right-hand menu.Access to the website's login varies, depending on market. Contact your local Volvo dealer or Volvo Cars customer service for more information.

Enter the username for your Volvo ID (email address/mobile number) and follow the instructions.

The password is reset.

In the Volvo On Call appOnly applicable to Volvo On Call markets.

Start the Volvo On Call app.

Select "Log in"

Press "Forgotten password?" and follow the instructions.

Login failure after creation of a new account

Sometimes there may be a delay in the process which can result in an account not being available directly after it has been created. Try again after 24 hours and if the problem remains, contact your local Volvo dealer or Volvo Cars customer service for further assistance.

What is my Volvo ID (username)?

If the Volvo ID is connected to the car, you can also access the username in the Volvo ID app, which can be found in application view in the centre display. Your Volvo ID is identical to the registered email address/mobile number.

Unlock your Volvo ID

Your account will be locked after 5 failed attempts to log in to the Volvo On Call appOnly applicable to Volvo On Call markets.. You can easily unlock the account by clicking on Forgotten password? in the login screen.

Change of email address.

If you change your email address and still have access to the old address you can log in with the old details and change your username yourself. If you no longer have access to the old address then you should create a new Volvo ID using the new address.

Login failure after changing Volvo ID (username)

Check that you have received a confirmation message in which your new username is confirmed. Once this has been done, you should be able to login with the new user name. If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, your old username is probably still in place. Log in and try to change the username again.

Login failure after changed password

Try to login with your previous password. If this is not successful, try to reset the password.

Account registered to a different market

An account is registered to a specific market and cannot be moved to a different market. To be able to re-use the same email address/mobile number, we advise you to first delete your account for the old market and then create a new account for the new market.

E-mail failure

If you entered an email address as username and did not receive a confirmation email after registering, make sure that you entered a valid email address and that the email was not stopped by a spam filter. Try to register your e-mail address again.

More help

If you have not found a solution to a problem relating to Volvo ID and need more help, contact your local Volvo dealer or Volvo Cars Customer Service.


Services available on and for Volvo On Call Only applies to Volvo On Call markets. may vary depending on market.

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