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XC90 Twin Engine

Remote control key

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Red Key - Restricted remote control key*

A Red Key enables the car owner to set limits for certain car properties. The restrictions are intended to promote safe driving of the car, e.g. when it is loaned out.

Type approval for the remote control key system

Type approval for the remote control key system can be read in the table.

Ignition positions

The car's electrical system can be set in different levels/positions and in this way make the different functions available.

Selecting driver profile

The last used driver profile is the one selected when the car is unlocked. It is possible to change to another driver profile after the car has been unlocked.

Driver profiles

Many of the settings made in the car can be adapted according to the driver's personal preferences and can be saved in one or more driver profiles.

Linking remote control key to driver profile

It is possible to link your key to a driver profile. The driver profile along with all of its settings will then be automatically selected every time the car is used with that specific remote control key.


The electronic immobiliser is a theft protection system that prevents an unauthorised person from starting the car.

Antenna locations for the start and lock system

The car is equipped with a keyless start and lock system* and therefore has a number of built-in antennas positioned at different locations in the car.

Importing/exporting a driver profile from/to USB

The personal settings saved in the driver profiles can be exported/imported to other cars via USB.

Locks and remote control keys

The car can be locked/unlocked in several different ways. There are two types of keys to the car.

Locking/unlocking with the detachable key blade

Amongst other things, the detachable key blade can be used to unlock the car from the outside - e.g. if the remote control key's battery has become discharged.

Replacing the battery in the remote control key

The battery in the remote control key needs to be replaced when it has become discharged.

Remote control key

The remote control key locks/unlocks the doors and tailgate. The remote control key needs to be inside the car for it to be started.

Remote control key range

In order for the remote control key to work properly it needs to be within a certain distance from the car.

Detachable key blade

The remote control key contains a detachable key blade of metal with which a number of functions can be activated and some operations carried out.

Editing a driver profile

It is possible to change the name of the different driver profiles used in the car.