Charging the hybrid battery

Stop charging of hybrid battery

Updated 7/23/2018

Finish charging by unlocking the car, unplugging the charging cable from the car's charging input socket and then from the 230 VAC socketThe voltage in the socket may vary depending on market..


Always unlock the car so that charging is stopped before the connection to the 230 VAC socket is unplugged. Note that the charging cable must be unplugged from the car's charging input socket before being unplugged from the 230 VAC socket, partly to avoid damage to the system and partly to avoid stopping the charging unintentionally.

P5-XC90Hybrid-16w17-Unlock car

Unlock the car with the remote control key - charging is finished and the charging cable's locked plug releases/is unlocked.

P5-1519-XC90Hybrid-Plug out cable from car

Unplug the cable from the car's charging input socket, refit the charging input socket's cover and close the hatch.

P5-1519-XC90Hybrid-Plug out cable from house

Unplug the cable from the 230 VAC socket.

Return the charging cable to the storage compartment under the cargo area floor.

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