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XC90 Twin Engine

Recommendations for driving

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Overheating in the engine and drive system

Under special conditions, for example hard driving in hilly terrain and hot climate, there is a risk that the engine and drive system may overheat - in particular with a heavy load.

Overloading the starter battery

The electrical functions in the car load the starter battery to varying degrees. Avoid using the ignition position II when the car is switched off. Instead, use ignition position I - which uses less power.

Driving in water

Driving in water means that the car is driven through deep water on a water-covered roadway. Driving in water must be carried out with great caution.

Winter driving

For winter driving it is important to perform certain checks of the car in order to ensure that it can be driven safely.


Activate the hazard warning flashers if the car has a puncture in a trafficked environment.

Preparations for a long trip

Before a driving holiday or some other type of long journey, it is important to check the car's functions and equipment particularly carefully.

Economical driving

Drive economically and eco-consciously by driving smoothly, thinking ahead, and adjusting your driving style and speed to the prevailing conditions.

Saving energy

The car provides good conditions and opportunities for energy-saving driving.

Electric operation range in urban environment

The car's range for electric operation depends on several factors. The ability to achieve a long range varies according to the circumstances and conditions under which the car is being driven.

Petrol station

Use the car's navigation system* to find the way to the closest petrol station.