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Tips for using Apple® CarPlay®*

Updated 1/31/2020

Tips for using Apple® CarPlay®*

Here are some useful tips for using CarPlay®.

  • Update your iOS device with the latest version of the iOS operating system and ensure that the apps have been updated.
  • In the event of a problem with CarPlay, disconnect the iOS device from the USB port and reconnect. Otherwise, try to close the app on the device that is not working and then restart the app, or try closing all apps and restart your device.
  • If the apps do not appear when CarPlay starts (black screen), try minimising and expanding the tile for CarPlay.
  • Using apps that are not compatible with CarPlay may sometimes mean that the connection between the iOS device and the car is broken. Information about supported apps and compatible telephone devices can be found on the Apple website. You can also search for CarPlay in the App Store to find information about apps that are compatible with CarPlay on your market.
  • Using Siri it is possible to write/dictate and read out messages. Messages are read out and dictated in the language selected in the settings for Siri. When you write/dictate messages, no text will be shown in the centre display, but the text is shown in the iOS device.
  • If the device is connected to the car via Bluetooth, the connection will be interrupted when CarPlay is used. Resume the Internet connection in the car by sharing the Internet via the Wi-Fi hotspot from the device.
  • CarPlay only works with iPhone

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Availability and functionality may vary depending on market.

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