Park assist camera

Park Assist Camera*

Updated 7/23/2018

The Park Assist Camera helps the driver when manoeuvring in tight spaces by indicating obstacles with a camera image and graphics in the centre display.


The Park Assist Camera is activated either automatically, when reverse gear is selected or manually via the centre display - depending on the selected setting.

P5-1507-PAC KameraVyAlternativ
Lines - activates/deactivates park assist lines
Towbar * - activates/deactivates the towbar assist line*

Not available in all markets.

PAS * - activates/deactivates Parking assistance
CTA * - activate/deactivate Cross Traffic Alert

The park assist lines are switched off when zooming in.

- zoom in/out


  • The parking camera serves as an aid. It does not relieve the driver of responsibility when reversing.
  • The camera has blind spots, where obstacles cannot be detected.
  • Be aware of people and animals in the vicinity of the car.

Camera views

The function can display a composite 360° view and separate views for each of the four cameras: rear, front, left or right camera view. The uppermost in the selected view denotes which camera is active.

360° view camera*

P5-1617-PAC 360-All camera-views

The approximate coverage area of the Park Assist Cameras.

The four sides of the car are shown simultaneously in the centre display, which helps the driver to observe what is around the car when manoeuvring at slow speeds.

Every camera view can be activated separately by tapping on the screen on the desired camera's "field of vision" - e.g. in front of or above the front camera.

If the car is also equipped with Parking assistance* then distance to detected obstacles is illustrated with fields in different colours.


P5-1507-PAC Kameraplacering BAKåt

The backwards-facing camera

The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.

is fitted above the registration plate.

The backward-facing camera shows a wide area behind the car. For certain models, part of the bumper can be seen as well as the towbar in some cases.

Objects shown in the centre display may appear slightly tilted — this is normal.


Objects on the centre display may be closer to the car than they appear to be on the screen.


P5-1507-PAC Kameraplacering FRAMåt

The forwards parking camera

The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.

is located in the grille.

The front camera can be helpful on an exit road with limited visibility to the sides, e.g. when there are high hedges. It is active at speeds up to 25 km/h (16 mph) - following which, the front camera is switched off.

If the car does not reach 50 km/h (30 mph), and the speed falls below 22 km/h (14 mph) within 60 seconds after the forward-facing camera has been switched off, the camera is reactivated.


Automatic reactivation of the front camera on speed reduction requires that Auto Camera Reverse Activation is selected in SettingsMy CarPark Assist.

The sides

P5-1507-PAC Kameraplacering ytterspegel

The side cameras

The illustration is schematic - details may vary depending on car model.

are positioned in each door mirror.

The side cameras show what is along each side of the car.

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