Bulb replacement

Updated 7/23/2018

The bulb in the halogen headlamp can be replaced by the driver.

The bulb in the halogen headlamp can be replaced without the help of a workshop, but the plastic cover over the headlamp must be removed before a bulb can be replaced.

P5-1507 Seal carrier removal 1
P5-1507 Seal carrier removal 2

Lift off the rubber strip by pressing it inward in the engine compartment.

Press down the pins into the plastic cover's four clips using a screwdriver or similar and lift away the cover.

Refit the cover in reverse order.

The dipped beam bulb becomes accessible when the headlamp's round rubber cover is removed.

Bulbs for direction indicators, main beam and daytime running lights/position lamps are accessible when the headlamp's oval cover is detached, see the section "Removing the headlamp's oval cover".

Contact a workshopAn authorised Volvo workshop is recommended. if faults occur in other lamps. This also applies to the bulbs for reversing lights. If a fault occurs in LEDLED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps, the entire lamp unit usually must be replaced.


The car's electrical system must be in ignition position 0 when replacing bulbs.


Never touch the glass part of the bulbs with your fingers. Grease from your fingers is vaporised by the heat, coating the reflector and then causing damage.


If an error message remains after the broken bulb has been replaced then we recommend visiting an authorised Volvo workshop.


Outside lighting such as headlamps and rear lamps may temporarily have condensation on the inside of the lens. This is normal, all exterior lighting is designed to withstand this. Condensation is normally vented out of the lamp housing when the lamp has been switched on for a time.

Lamps, front (car with halogen headlamps)

P5-1507 Front lamp positioning halogen ECE
Dipped beam
Main beam
Daytime running lights/position lamps
Front fog lamps/cornering lights* (LEDLED (Light Emitting Diode))

Lamps, rear

P5-1507 Rear lamp positioning
Brake light (LEDLED (Light Emitting Diode))
Position lamps (LED)
Reversing lamp

Contact a workshop for replacement - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Position lamps (LED)
Direction indicator (LED)
Fog lamp (LED)
Brake light - central, high-level (LED)

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