Volvo EX30 app

There's a separate app for the Volvo EX30 car. It's called Volvo EX30 and you can download it for free where apps are available. The app is updated regularly, so make sure that you have the latest version on your phone.
Px-23w36-Latest Info-EX30 App symbol
Volvo EX30 app icon.

If you have ordered a Volvo EX30, you will be notified when it's a good idea to download the Volvo EX30 app. You can sign in to the app using the same Volvo ID that you used when ordering the car. When your car is getting close to being delivered, you will be able to see your car information and start making preparations. Have a look every now and then to see if there's any new information available.

When you have received your car, you can pair it with the Volvo EX30 app. This allows you to control certain functions and interact with your car via your phone.


Make sure that you have downloaded the correct app. You cannot use the regular Volvo Cars app for the Volvo EX30 car. Similarly, you cannot use the Volvo EX30 app for other car models than EX30.

Volvo EX30 app functions

Here are a few things you can do in the Volvo EX30 app:

  • Lock and unlock doors.
  • Manage charging.
  • Control climate features when parked.
  • Check the car's status, such as its battery level and lock status.
  • View your account information.
  • Explore the user manual.
  • Find customer services such as assistance and support.

Applicable models

EX30, model year 2024 and later