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Settings for privacy and data sharing are unique to each driver profile

When you start to use a new driver profile, the data sharing settings for the profile are set to the car's default settings and are deactivated.

Privacy and data sharing

Many connected services and apps need to be able to send and receive information and data. The data sharing function for your connected services and apps is deactivated as standard. To be able to use certain connected services and apps in the car, you must choose yourself to activate data sharing for them.

Activate data sharing in connection with starting a connected service or app

If you have not activated data sharing for a connected service or downloaded apps, you can do this in connection with starting them in your centre display. The first time you start a service, or after e.g. a factory reset or certain software updates, you must also accept Volvo's terms and conditions for connected services.

Activate data sharing for connected services and downloaded apps via the settings menu

You can activate data sharing for connected services and downloaded apps via the settings menu in your centre display.

Switch off data sharing and personal information for different systems

For certain car models, individual systems may need resetting, if you do not want them to share data from your car. See section "This article is relevant to" to see if this text is relevant to your car. Note that you will not be able to use your functions fully if some functionality is switched off.

Delete user data from your Volvo

If you are going to sell a Volvo which is equipped with Sensus Connect, you should delete all personal data from the car and restore the car to its original factory settings.