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Sensus Connect

Updated 1/21/2020

Sensus Connect

Sensus Connect is Volvo's infotainment system that can connect your Volvo to the outside world and provide you with information, entertainment and functions to help simplify your ownership.

Sensus Connect

Sensus Connect has an upgraded user interface with several innovative functions such as cloud-based services integrated in the car, improved navigation with 3D maps and free map updates, a local search function and an option to remotely send destination instructions to the car (Send to Car).

You also have the option of selecting a 3G modem (Volvo on CallApplicable to Volvo On Call markets only.) with a Wi-Fi hotspot for a better Internet connection. This means that you do not need to connect your phone, but by inserting a personal SIM card in the Volvo On Call modem the car will connect itself to the Internet automatically.

Web radio, streaming of music via Bluetooth and other entertainment services are possible. Several of the infotainment and navigation functionsOption can be navigated using voice control.

Operate Sensus Connect

Volvo Sensus Connect combines and presents many functions in several of the car's systems on the centre console's screen. With the centre console buttons and controls or the steering wheel's right-hand keypad functions can be activated or deactivated and many different settings can be made.

Sensus Connect model year 15

From and including model year 15, all new Volvo models will have an updated Sensus Connect system. Drivers who already have Sensus Connect in their cars will be offered an update for their systems. For more information, contact your Volvo dealer.

Available features

Sensus Connect model year 15 includes the services listed below, amongst others (some services require you to have a subscription).


Sensus Connect gives you access to a range of apps that help you maintain contact with your car and workshop. Sensus Connect also offers updating of apps and software in your car. The services that Sensus Connect offers to facilitate your car ownership are listed below.

Car apps

Sensus Connect gives you access to apps for entertainment, navigation and service in the car. You can listen to music, to the radio or to audiobooks while you drive your car. For more information on the apps available for your car, see Car apps.


Available selection of apps may vary depending on the market and on whether the services are supported by Volvo's third party suppliers. One or more apps may not be available on the market in which the car is sold or used.


Interactive guide for Sensus Connect

If you want to explore the options that Sensus Connect has to offer more closely, please take a look at our interactive guide that you can find here Sensus Connect Guide.

Car model/model year

S60, V60 and XC60 from and including model year 2014 to and including 2018Equipped with Sensus Connect.

V40, V70, XC70 and S80 from and including model year 2015 to and including 2019Equipped with Sensus Connect.

The range of models, systems and services may vary depending on market.

For car models from and including model year 2020, see on-line manual for the model concerned.

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Sensus Connect

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