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Western Australia - Jurien Bay

Lancelin Dunes

Get swept away by Jurien Bay

If you’re after a weekend that’ll take your breath away, head north to Jurien Bay. The drive from Perth up the Indian Ocean Drive offers sweeping views up and down the beautiful, sparkling Western Australian coastline, with Jurien Bay the jewel of the trip. But the drive itself is only the beginning. There’s plenty that will get your heart racing along the way. Like the steep, pearly, Sahara-like dunes in Lancelin. Or the sheer excitement of meeting the local seals that play in the waters around Cervantes. Whether you’re after adventure or just sightseeing – this is the trip for you. And the kids maybe? We’ll leave that up to you.

Trip Highlights

Leave Perth behind for the day and let the Indian Ocean Drive sweep you up the north coast to places like Guilderton. Known for its red brick lighthouse that stands guard high above the cliffs, the lighthouse still navigates ships safely across the Indian Ocean between Fremantle and Jurien Bay. When it’s time for lunch, continue further north for some of the best lobster in the area. The Lobster Shack in Cervantes catch their own lobster and char it over the barbecue, giving it a tender, smoky-sweet flavour. They also have every other seafood you could wish for, fresh from the Indian Ocean. 
Whatever you’re chasing north, whether it’s seals in Cervantes, thrills down the Lancelin sand dunes or a glimpse of the emus at Jurien Bay - you’ll wish you had more time to stay and do it all.
The Lobster Shack
Jurien Bay



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