Trolley IQ: An Omtanke Approach



At Volvo, we see the world differently. Inspired by a restless thoughtfulness, we know there’s no innovation that’s ever too small. So we applied our approach to this everyday object, a shopping trolley, and made it as effortless as parking a Volvo.

The technology behind Trolley iQ was inspired by these advanced Volvo features:

volvo pilot assist technology

The subtle steering adjustments that keep your car centered as you drive inspired technology for Trolley iQ, helping it stay on course as it journeys back to its bay.

volvo park assist technology

We used our system that scans a parking space and controls your steering for perfect parking to inform the smarts behind Trolley iQ, helping it glide effortlessly into place.

volvo auto-brake technology’

Our collision avoidance system brakes automatically if you fail to respond to a potential impact, and it inspired the system that helps Trolley iQ avoid colliding with cars.

The systems above are driver assistance systems only, designed to operate when certain technical conditions and parameters are met. They are not a substitute for safe driving practices. The driver remains responsible for the vehicle.
volvo xc60 luxury suv white

A perfect fusion of innovation and luxury, the XC60 makes every journey safer and more enjoyable. From Park Assist and Auto-Brake to our intuitive Pilot Assist, providing steering assistance to keep you safely in your lane. It’s no wonder the XC60 was named 2018 Wheels Magazine Car of the Year.

volvo xc90 luxury suv black

The XC90 offers a refined driving experience. Sophisticated Volvo technology makes every drive relaxed and stress-free. Easily negotiating tight spaces thanks to Park Assist while Pilot Assist gently steers you back into your lane if you veer off course. You’ll also have Auto-Brake, an intuitive warning and brake support system designed to avoid or minimise collisions.

volvo omtanke cars in city

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