The world’s first luxury diesel plug-in hybrid that also runs on pure electricity—offering you 3 different ways to drive.

We believe you don’t need to sacrifice power and superb driveability for efficiency and low CO2 emissions. So while we’re seriously committed to creating smarter, more innovative technologies to reduce our cars’ impact on the environment, we’ll never lose sight of the pleasure to be had in a great drive. 

interior details

Our love for details always shows

The contemporary Swedish interior of this edition reflects a more natural luxury lifestyle—for drivers who appreciate premium handcrafted designs that feel more organic and from the source–like grainy arctic night wood finishes.

It's Electric

A charge presence

The V60 Plug-in Hybrid recharging port is easy to access and use, with LED indicators on the handle showing the recharging status. 

Beyond the incredibly low emissions you’ll be putting out with this edition, a plug-in hybrid can mean significant tax savings, and with its impressive MPG, low fuel costs. Plus you get all the latest cutting-edge Volvo technology.