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Radio station list

The radio automatically compiles a station list of the radio stations within the area that are transmitting the strongest signals. This enables you to find a station when you drive into an area where you do not know the radio stations and their frequencies.

Traffic information (TP)

This function allows traffic information that is broadcast within a set radio station's RDS network to break through.

Radio tuning

Radio tuning can be set to automatic or manual.



It is possible to listen to the AM* .

Radio text

Some RDS stations transmit information on programme content, artists, etc. This information may be shown on the display screen. Radio text can be shown for FM and DAB* radio.

Manual radio tuning

The radio automatically compiles a radio station list, but it is possible to perform manual radio tuning.

Volume control for interrupting RDS-functions

The interrupting RDS-functions, e.g. alarm or traffic information (TP), are heard at the volume selected for each respective programme type. If the volume level is adjusted during the programme interruption, the new level is saved until the next programme interruption.

Radio Data System functions (RDS)

With RDS the radio can automatically change to the strongest transmitter. RDS provides the facility to receive e.g. traffic information (TP) and to search for certain programme types (PTY).

Alarms in the event of accidents and disasters

The radio function is used to warn of serious accidents and catastrophes. The message ALARM! appears in the screen when an alarm message is transmitted. The alarm can be temporarily interrupted, but not deactivated.

Remote control*

The remote control can be used for all functions in the audio and media system. The remote control's buttons have the same functions as the buttons in the centre console or steering wheel keypad.

Automatic radio frequency update (AF)

The function automatically selects the best frequency for the set radio station and can be activated for FM radio.

Radio stations as presets

Frequently used radio stations are optimally saved as presets in order to facilitate simple activation.