Engine compartment

Engine compartment - overview

Updated 7/23/2018

The overview shows some service-related components.

Engine compartment

P4-1420 Motorrumsbild VEP4

The appearance of the engine compartment may differ depending on model and engine variant.

Coolant expansion tank
Washer fluid filler pipe
Engine oil filler pipe
Reservoir for brake and clutch fluid (located on the driver's side)
Starter battery
Relay and fuse box
Air filter


The ignition system has very high voltage and output. The voltage in the ignition system is highly dangerous. The car's electrical system must always be in key position 0 when work is being performed in the engine compartment; see Key positions - functions at different levels.

Do not touch the spark plugs or ignition coil when the car's electrical system is in key position II or when the engine is hot.

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