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V60 Twin Engine

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Head-up display*

Обновления 7/10/2020

The head-up display supplements the car's driver display and projects information from the driver display onto the windscreen. The projected image can only be seen from the driver position.

Head up display when replacing the windscreen*

Обновления 5/18/2020

Cars with head-up display are equipped with a special type of windscreen that meets the requirements for displaying the projected image.

Activating and deactivating the head-up display*

Обновления 5/18/2020

The head-up display can be activated and deactivated when the car has been started.

Settings for head-up display*

Обновления 5/18/2020

Adjust the settings for the head-up display's projection onto the windscreen.

Cleaning the head up display*

Обновления 7/10/2020

Gently wipe the display's cover glass with a clean and dry microfibre cloth. If necessary, lightly moisten the microfibre cloth.

Using a stored position for seat, door mirrors and head-up display*

Обновления 1/31/2020

If the positions for the power seat, the door mirrors and the head-up display have been stored, they can be activated simply by using the memory buttons.

Storing position for seat, door mirrors and head-up display*

Обновления 7/10/2020

You can store the position for power seat, door mirrors and head-up display in the memory buttons.

Navigation system* in head-up display*

Обновления 1/31/2020

The navigation system is presented and operated in several different ways, e.g. via the head-up display.